We think it’s important that we answer any questions you have on the scheme, so we’ve listed the most common ones!

What benefits will the Centre Park Link plans have for local people?

The proposals will help reduce traffic congestion, and provide alternative routes which will improve the overall capability of Warrington’s transport network to deal with incidents. The scheme will also help make journey times shorter and more reliable for motorists and public transport users. Drivers travelling between A57 Liverpool road and A5060 Chester Road will have another route choice which will mean they can avoid Bridgefoot.

The new bridge is predicted to reduce traffic through Bridgefoot.

This project is one part of a major programme of regeneration for Warrington outlined in our framework for growth, Warrington Means Business and in particular the Waterfront area.

The scheme will also unlock areas of land for development bringing jobs, housing and investment to Warrington.

You originally consulted on a proposal for southbound only traffic at the top of Slutchers Lane. Why are there now plans for two way traffic?

There are two very sharp corners at the top end of Slutchers Lane which make it difficult for two-way traffic to negotiate.

Winter 2015 consultation feedback made it clear that we needed to find a solution to this problem. As a result to the current design includes widening of Slutchers Lane on the bend and installation of high level, prominent chevron signs to give drivers advance notice of the sharp left turn.

You originally consulted on a one-way system in the town centre. Why is this removed for the new plans?

We originally thought that the one-way system could greatly benefit traffic flow and reduce queuing in the town centre, however, the proposal was not strongly supported by the public in the consultation exercises and the traffic modelling and cost estimates we did for the scheme showed that the overall benefits of the one-way system were not as great as originally envisaged.

As such, the decision was taken to introduce a signalised junction at the top of Slutchers Lane instead of have one-way system.

You consulted on an option to make Crosfield Street one-way southbound. Why has this been removed from the proposals?

Although the proposal for Crosfield Street would have benefited residents on the street the outcome of the consultation was unfavourable. Respondents to the questionnaire stated that access to the hospital would be made more difficult and that the change would have reduced people’s ability to avoid the pink eye roundabout.

During construction, won’t congestion just become worse?

The planning application included a transport assessment which considered the effects on nearby traffic systems and will ensure appropriate measures are taken to lessen any impact created by the plans.

What are the timescales for Centre Park Link?

Construction began in mid-2019 and is due to conclude in late 2020.

Who is paying for the Centre Park Link project?

The cost for the project is currently £19.89 million. Contributers include:

  • Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise partnership - £5.3 million via the Local Growth Fund
  • Ministry of Housing Community and Local Government - £3.7 million via the Housing Infrastructure Fund

The remainder will be funded via council borrowing

Where will the proposed bridge actually be?

The location of the new bridge across the River Mersey is just north of Gainsborough Road. A number of alternative locations were considered. This location was judged to be the best location in terms of construction cost, buildability, and impact on residential properties.

How will this effect on-street parking down Slutchers Lane?

Parking along parts of Slutchers Lane has recently been restricted on safety grounds by the introduction of double yellow lines. To enable the free flow of traffic through to the new bridge, further restrictions on parking may need to be introduced along the whole length of Slutchers Lane. There are alternative spaces available in car parks around Warrington Bank Quay Station and across the town centre including the newly constructed Time Square multi-storey car park.

Are you going to be building houses along the unlocked waterfront area?

We don't own any of the potential development land that will be unlocked by the scheme and won't be carrying out any of its development. Whilst we understand that the intended use of this land is for new housing this will be a decision for the landowner to make.

Any proposals for development of this land will require separate planning permission. The applicant will need to consult with the public on their proposals as part of the planning process before the application can be determined by the Planning Authority.

Will this scheme impact on the surrounding environment and habitats in the nearby waterfront area?

A full environmental impact assessment was undertaken reviewing the site, its surroundings and the impact of the proposed works, this was included as part of the planning application submission. The application, supporting documentation and decision notice are now available to view online, all you need to do is use the application number 2017/29897 in the search box at the top of the page.

Are there going to be any alternative transport plans in place during construction to help local residents and commuters?

Any road closures or re-routing will be clearly signposted and advance information will be made available on our roadworks section. We'll also be informing you by twitter, ongoing press releases and advance site signage informing residents and the motorists of any restrictions or closures of the affected routes.