As of Monday 28 September the number of people (including children of any age) permitted to attend a wedding or civil partnership ceremony is 15. This number does not include anyone who is working at the ceremony. For all the latest Government Guidance on weddings and civil partnerships, please visit GOV.UK

Please continue to check this page for the latest updates.

Marriages and civil partnerships can take place in buildings (other than register offices) which have been approved by local authorities as suitable venues.

You can't have a ceremony that is religious in nature at these civil venues, neither can your ceremony be conducted or registered by a priest or other religious celebrant.

To arrange a ceremony at an approved venue, you'll need to contact the venue to make provisional arrangements and then contact us to ensure that registration officers will be available to attend your ceremony.

Your marriage or civil partnership can't take place without registrars in attendance. There's an additional fee for the attendance of a registration team at an approved venue which is payable in addition to the fee charged by the venue itself.

At present, ceremonies or formations are strongly advised to go ahead only where they can be done in a COVID-19 secure environment. It is also advised that the ceremonies are kept as short as reasonably possible and limited as far as reasonably possible to the parts of the ceremonies that are required in order for the marriage or civil partnership to be legally binding (you will not be able to add your own enhancements, such as readings, to your ceremony).

No more than 30 people should attend a marriage or civil partnership, and only where this can be safely accommodated with social distancing in a COVID-19 secure venue. This is the maximum number for all attendees at the event, including two registrars, the couple and guests. It also includes any third-party suppliers, such as photographers or security, and one responsible person employed by the venue, but does not include any third party catering staff or any other person employed by the venue.

Guests at weddings and civil partnership ceremonies will be required to wear face coverings, including those taking place in churches, register offices or other approved venues (unless an individual has a legitimate reason not to wear one). Face coverings will not have to be worn by the bride, groom or civil partners, unless they wish to do so.

Book a registrar to attend your ceremony at an approved premise.

As of 2nd December 2019, couples in an opposite sex relationship will be able to form a civil partnership, just as same sex couples can do now. For more information please visit