Roadmap out of lockdown

From 19 July, the government removed legal limits on the numbers meeting indoors and outdoors as part of 'step 4' of the roadmap out of lockdown.

All venues which have previously been closed will be allowed to reopen, including nightclubs, and there will be no legal requirement for table service in hospitality settings.

The government will also end the one metre plus rule on social distancing, and the legal obligation to wear a face covering, although it is recommended that face coverings continue to be worn in places where there are many people gathering in spaces where good ventilation/ fresh air cannot be guaranteed. 

What does this mean for businesses?

As part of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, businesses have been able to re-open with restrictions in place.

What can you do to help?

We can all play our part to reduce the risk of transmission and reduce the number of cases in Warrington.

Get vaccinated

All adults in England (aged 18 and over) are now able to book their COVID vaccinations. Early research shows that vaccines provide strong protection against new variants, so getting the vaccine when offered is key to lowering the number of cases in Warrington.


There is a legal duty for all those who test positive for coronavirus, or are identified by NHS Test and Trace or local contact tracers as a close contact of someone with coronavirus, to self-isolate.

Self-isolation is critical in stopping the spread of coronavirus. It helps to ensure that those infected with the virus, and their close contacts, remain at home and stop virus transmitting to other people.

Test yourself regularly

Testing yourself regularly using symptom-free tests (Lateral Flow Tests) twice a week is also key, so that we can track anyone who may be unknowingly carrying the virus and spreading it to others.

Don't forget the basics

Although we are now into Step 4 and many restrictions have now lifted, it is important to still follow the basics wherever possible, as an added layer of protection. This includes:

  • Hands - maintain excellent hand hygiene by washing or sanitising your hands regularly
  • Face - we still advise that you wear a face covering in enclosed settings and where you can't guarantee good ventilation, and where there may be multiple people gathering
  • Space - keep your distance from others if you can
  • Fresh air - meet outside where possible and let fresh air in when indoors to reduce the spread of the virus