The My Town campaign is all about you sharing your ideas for the town centre and how, with a bid for funding as part of the Towns Fund initiative, we can make Warrington an even better place for those who live and work here.

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Our bid for funding

A board of Warrington’s business, community and political leaders met to discuss an ambitious funding bid of up to £25 million. The Warrington Town Deal board was set up to identify areas where a compelling case for funding could be put forward to contribute to, and complement, the work already being delivered to regenerate the town.

We've submitted our ambitious £25 million plan

Our Investment Plan outlines seven core projects that would help to provide long-lasting benefits to the town. The plan includes funding proposals for:

  1. A health and social care academy – which will support workers to integrate the latest technology into their work, and will offer opportunities to build a social care workforce in Warrington fit for the future.
  1. A health and wellbeing hub in the town centre – which will help reduce health deprivation and improve quality of life, as well as increasing accessibility to healthcare and wellbeing services. The hub would be developed in vacant retail space in the town centre and will help provide more mental health services, assessments for older people and access to a range of council health and wellbeing services.
  1. An advanced construction training centre – which will develop sustainable building skills and provide an opportunity to reskill people in sectors that have declined during the COVID-19 pandemicThis project would provide training across many disciplines including housebuilding, surveying, plumbing and civil engineering.
  1. An all-electric bus fleet depot – which will provide the stimulus for the full electrification of a Warrington bus fleet and replace the current Warrington’s Own Buses depot with land for sustainable housing.
  1. A comprehensive active travel programme – putting in place the right infrastructure to encourage more walking and cycling throughout the town centre. This would include redesigning key town centre streets with cyclists and pedestrians in mind, establishing a Community Cycle Hub in the town centre and would ensure a series of bus priority measures to encourage people to take public or active transport methods.
  1. A digital enterprise hub – which would be aimed at supporting all aspects of digital and disruptive technologies.
  1. A remastered cultural hub at the Pyramid – which will nurture the arts professionals of the future, providing a modern and flexible creative space to collaborate, produce, present and perform.  A refurbished Pyramid will improve Warrington’s cultural offering, attracting a range of high quality touring artists, as well as providing a platform to showcase our own local talent.

Read our investment plan in full

Who is on the Town Deal Delivery board?
  • Matt Crompton – Chair, Muse Developments
  • Steven Broomhead – Deputy Chair, Warrington Borough Council
  • Cllr Russ Bowden, Warrington Borough Council
  • Steve Park, Warrington Borough Council
  • Andy Carter MP
  • Charlotte Nichols MP
  • Martin Wood, Cities & Local Growth Unit
  • Bill Carr, Carpe Diem
  • Lucy Gardner, Warrington NHS
  • Ben Wakerley, Warrington’s Own Buses
  • Nichola Newton, Warrington and Vale Royal College
  • Dan Bunstone, Warrington NHS
  • Ted Adams, Warrington NHS
  • Nigel Schofield, Warrington Chamber of Commerce
  • Andy Hulme, Cheshire and Warrington LEP
  • Stephen Fitzsimons, Warrington Borough Council
  • Kathryn Green, Warrington Borough Council
  • Laurence Pullan, Warrington Borough Council
  • Lisa Knowles, Atkins
  • Fayyaz Qadir, Atkins
  • Dave Thompson, Warrington Disability Partnership
  • Steve Coffey, Torus
  • David Boyer, Warrington Borough Council
  • Simon Kenton,  Warrington Together
  • Sarah Hall, Warrington North MP office
  • Kim Cooper, ARUP
  • Ian Cox, Golden Square, Simon Constable, Warrington NHS

The Town Deal Board and focused, thematic groups are continuing to meet, to discuss plans to bid for funding through the My Town initiative. The thematic groups are focused on:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Housing and infrastructure
  • Education and skills
  • Arts, culture and digital